How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Job Portal like

How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Job Portal like

How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Job Portal like To Hire The Best Employee Around The World You Need To Develop An App Like Naukri For Your Organization

The Benefits of Building An App Like Naukri

Naukri is one of the largest and most popular career sites that have been helping job seekers to find a good job. It is also a pay-per-click job listing and search site on the web. It is also a very profitable site; hence some people are thinking of developing an app similar to naukri.

Naukri has about 15,000 partnering sites; hence, the searchers are spread to all of Naukri’s partnering sites. It controls the career and job sections of other publishers including crunchbase.

Anybody can watch videos on YouTube but only registered users or members can upload videos.

The popular site has been growing fast that it has already surpassed its competitor, “indeed”. Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Sanjeev Bikhchandani disclosed that the key to the rapid growth and development of Naukri is by creating or providing a great user experience. Naukri has also launched many new products and partnerships to the different publisher to broaden its reach and targets. Aside from launching many products to promote and advertise, to really get more followers, the word of mouth could have been a key to its growth and development. Some of the special features include: Email products that send job listings or job vacancies to the users or members of the site. It has also a collection of sponsored jobs across the web. Naukri gets most of its revenues from the sponsored jobs.

Many people who are searching or looking for jobs find Naukri a very useful site. The site provides a list of job vacancies of all areas. The list is always updated every now and then. Naukri is not only a job search site, it is also a job placement tool.

Other services offered by Naukri which have been very useful and helpful includes: Job search, job trends, resume upload, storage and search, industry trends, salary search, job competition index and website forums.

Using the Naukri site is a convenient way to search for a job because you can do it right at the comfort of your homes. You will always have a chance to view all the job vacancies and from there choose the one that will meet your qualifications. If you have already selected a particular job you can send or email your application to the address they have provided.

While Naukri continues to grow and generate more income, some people are already considering to develop an app which functions like Naukri. Developing an app should be done by an experience developer and not just by anybody who just happen to know how to fit the qualifications of something. For instance, you have to get the services of a skilled developer if you want to have quality app. By doing so you should be prepared to pay a higher professional fee to your developer. We at Cyberei will develop the app according to your needs and according to what you told him to do. You will then have to consider the total cost to develop an app after you have already specified and instructed the developer to include the different features in your app.


How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Job Portal like These days’ people are becoming more mobile and to be up to date in these competitive market, you even need to be up to date with your technologies & that’s why you need to make an app like Naukri to hire knowledgeable and passionate employees through running technology. You can develop an app like Naukri with Cyberei Technologies in 45 to 55 days with the most efficient team. A Basic App like naukri will cost you between $5,000 to $10,000. Contact us to create more apps on different platforms. Contact us for a free quote!

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