Benefits of Finding Android Application Development Specialists in India

Benefits of Finding Android Application Development Specialists in India

Benefits of Finding Android Application Development Specialists in India. Indian programmers using the Android OS have earned worldwide acknowledgment of their knowledge and skills regarding that OS. One reason you may want to hire Android app developers in India specialists (such as Cyberei Technologies) who charge less than programmers based in other countries. At the same time, these Indian programmers can deliver results that are at par with the world’s best. This combination of low pricing and quality work is why many companies (even those from First World countries) seek out the services of Android specialists from India.

The key to making a great Android app is to find programmers with both technical and artistic skills. This means your preferred programmer should know all aspects of using the Android OS but still be able to render artistic design for the app. It is actually not that easy to find such programmers – often a programmer may be blessed with technical skills but is lacking in artistry for the design aspect. Cyberei Technologies can give you the pick of the best Android specialists we have so that your project will not only perform well but look great as well.

You also need a company that specializes in Android app development and that understands cross-browser compatibility. The company should have customer service ready to accommodate clients from different time zones and from different countries. Some types of apps may be more popular than others but ideally, your preferred Indian app developers should be skilled enough to handle any type of app development categories. In addition, the programmers should know how to create apps for multiple types of mobile devices so that regardless of what mobile device you present to them they can accommodate your project requirements.

If you are comfortable with the idea of outsourcing your Android app project to a company overseas, then you might consider our company to serve you. We may be based in India but we will give you regular updates about the work we render so that it will seem like your project was being made just next door. We will be happy to show you our portfolio of done work to prove that we have the high-quality technical skills for the Android platform and that we cost much less than other app programming companies. Liked Reading Benefits of Finding Android Application Development Specialists in India?. If you wish for a free trial service, that is possible to so that we will know how much our pricing should be for the magnitude of your project.


Know The Benefits of Android Application Development

Open Source

Android is an open source platform which allows developers to develops apps very easily. Really, it offers faster and relatively low-cost development for business and start-ups.

Large User Base

Android provides you with an amazing platform to develop apps and games for millions of Android users. This allows you to reach out to a higher section of the android users and improve your market perception.


Strong Framework

Android gives you everything that you need in terms of application development. It automatically enhances your UI on different mobile devices, while giving you full control on your UI for different device types. Android developer tools offer a full Java IDE with features to develop, debug, and package Android apps.


Customizable User Interface

Apps developed on Android platform are highly customizable and simple to manage. This helps android app development companies to develop custom android apps for businesses. Even the data management and multimedia tools can be simply updated.


Services Of Cyberei Technologies in Android App Development


We design, develop and deliver innovative Android applications and games for Android devices, backed effectively with state-of-the-art UI and feature-rich functionality.

  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Android Game Development
  • Android Wear Development
  • Enterprise Android Apps
  • Android App Integration
  • Custom Android Apps 

Hire Android Developers for customized Android app development services


1) Android Native Apps Development

Our In-house Android developers make use of all functionalities of Android platform. Native Android app development service occurs an entire code is written in the Android specific programming language. The apps develop using device’s core features like contacts, Address book, camera, GPS etc.


2) Android Hybrid Apps Development

Basic web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript & CSS are acquired for Hybrid app development. The single code base of Hybrid apps which is used to run an application on devices. Android app developers wrap the single code base in Android native app which can be executed on many devices irrespective of platform & OS.


Cyberei Technologies Have a Presence on Every Major Industry Vertical


Having developed applications for various industries, our professionals are efficient in utilizing the vast scope of android. We have built applications for multiple domains like:


  • Social Networking Apps
  • Healthcare Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • E-Commerce Apps
  • Geo Location-enabled Apps
  • Banking Apps
  • On-demand Apps
  • Real Estate Apps
  • Entertainment Apps


Technology Stack of Cyberei Technologies


Being a leading Android app development company, we possess comprehensive technology expertise that makes us able to deliver the best apps that match the client’s business requirements.


  • Language
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • C
    • C++
    • Python
  • Frameworks
    • Corona SDK
    • Xamarin
    • PhoneGap
    • Ionic
    • React Native
    • Sencha Touch
  • Versions
    • Android P
    • Android O
    • Android N
    • Android M
    • And all others
  • Android SDK
    • Titanium Mobile SDK
  • Development Tools
    • Andriod Studio
    • Andriod-IDE
  • Database
    • SQLite


Why does Android App Development Company- Cyberei Technologies from India stand out from the rest?

We at Cyberei Technologies design, develop, test and expand application as per your demand. We bring end-to-end services for Android app development right at your doorstep. Our team of 70+ dedicated Android developers works hard to create the best custom native and hybrid apps for the Android phone, tablet, and wearable devices.


  • Comprehension About App Development Idea
  • Analysis & Research of App Requirements
  • Strong Technology Competency To Offer An End-to-End Mobility Solution
  • Quick and Flexible Access To Unique and/or Supplemental IT Skills
  • Constant Availability and Regular Reporting During The Project
  • 100% Confidentiality Assurance
  • Skillful Developers
  • User-Friendly Apps


Experince & Expertise in Android App Development


  • Android Portfolio
    1200+ Android app projects have been successfully delivered to clients covering almost all industries.
  • Bug-free Apps
    Our developers develop clean and optimized code. We develop always Bug-free app and don’t leave corrupted impressions for the clients.
  • Latest Development Tools
    The experience to work with the latest technologies in Android has enabled Cyberei Technologies teams to use proven methodologies.
  • Build Faster
    Without any delays, Android developers from Cyberei Technologies believe to provide faster service and so they plan early to launch at the right time.
  • Affordable Price
    With Cyberei Technologies, you can be guaranteed the best prices in the market without compromising for quality in any way.
  • Dedicated Developers
    Cyberei Technologies provides dedicated developers and project managers individually for every type of projects.


Cyberei Technologies will work very closely with you to be sure that you leverage the best business ideas with the latest technology. Cyberei Technologies uses a systematic way to design your app with complete integration of suitable functions in the shortest amount of time. 


With long years of experience and more than 2500+ successfully launched mobile apps to its credit, our team has become extraordinarily best managing app development projects, communicating to clients, avoiding common hurdles and delays, and providing a product that delights customers and users.


Really, Cyberei Technologies is the best choice for many Android app development clients because we provide customized, high-quality apps at affordable prices. Our competitive pricing makes us affordable even for startups and small and mid-sized businesses.


Worldwide the markets of Android App Users are Crossing 2.3 billion with counts. Investing bucks on your business is a better choice. Android App Development creates awareness and worldwide reach seamlessly.

Are You Still Confused with finding out the right place for your Android App Development?

Cyberei Technologies is a trusted and top Android app development company used to service worldwide. 25 Million Of mobile app is developed since 2011 from the Cyberei Technologies. 250+ dedicated developers are available to help with your android app needs.

Why It Is Worth To Hire Indian App Developers?

The demand for app is everywhere at the same time, the demand for trusted app development company is also high but there is no issue as opportunities increases, quality can also easily define. Indian companies like Cyberei Technologies create a demand for other countries. The promises that they offer to their clients will be sophisticate to work.


Indians have a thirst for new technologies and also to learn it. Hence there is not much shocking that Indian App developers are in Demand and hiring highly. According to research, an app market data says that India is the leading market for app developers.

Top 7 reasons are considered as Highlights for Hiring Indian App Developers

  1. Flexible with Various Technologies

 Certain companies in other countries than India focus on particular language and platforms to develop projects but whereas Indian app developers are well-versed in multi-platforms and languages and a maximum of Indian app developers are experienced in Android app development.

 According to the report, App Developers in India have been a popular choice to hire around the globe. Even it is easy to hire specific technology-based developers by visiting top b2b sites like, App Futura, etc.

  1. App Developers in India are Affordable

In many cases, the budget becomes a problem to develop the app as budget promises the quality and range of services but companies from India are highly affordable to hire and work. The cost that Indian App Developers charges are less than other countries as per research.

  1. Enormous Outsourcing Options from India

Developing a country’s economy from emerging technology is high in western countries. The demand for app development services is also high from India. The growth of IT industry revenue will reach its peak in the future from the Indian App Development Companies. A survey concludes that 59% are already outsourcing from India to develop apps with the latest technologies.

  1. Infrastructure and Policies are Supportive

The Indian government has initiated benefits for the IT industries with various policies to boost the IT outsourcing industry. The fiscal benefits from the Indian government are provided for the IT industry, for example, 25 to 10 percent reduction of tax on the fees and royalty is given.

  1. India Consists of Talents

The education system of India is highly associated as every year number of engineers is given for the top MNC companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. In the IT firms, it has been reported by Statista that India is ranked second in the number of Android app developers.

  1. Indian IT Companies Offers Quality Standards

Indian app development companies are highly associated to offer global standards with their services. The company used to follow quality standards based on 

  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  • International Standard Organization (ISO)
  • Six Sigma Quality Certification
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Customer Operations Performance Centre (COPC)

 The fact is that 75% of Indian companies around the globe are certified by CMM. And the highest numbers of ISO-9000 certified companies are also from India.

  1. Multiple Location for Indian App Development Companies

India has multiple headquarters for IT industries. Many companies are available in India like Lucknow, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The country has a better infrastructure to develop apps. Many IT companies around India are focusing on various technologies for services.

Cost To Develop An Android App From App Developers in India

The mobile app industry will not gonna stop as the internet rules, application will have life. The demand for application increases each day and especially the Android app creates a high demand for business profits. As per the statistics, 2.8 million apps are available on Google Play Store and also claim that Millennials open an app for 50+ times per day.

It admits that the majority of businesses trying to approach the audience through android apps. The revenue of app developer earns exceed $188 billion as per the survey and expected to grow $900 billion by 2023.

Cost to develop an android app is based on certain factors such as features, design, quality, functional approaches, etc. Balancing with these factors within a budget decides the range of app costs to develop apps.

Android app development is highly approached by many industries to drive their business effectively. It is known that smartphone users are highly available on the android platform. Hence approaching their respective audience with the android platform impresses the performance. Technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR are highly used by industries like Healthcare, Education, Game, Manufacturing, etc. Working on these technologies from the trusted app development company in India like Cyberei Technologies helps to create quality services for respective customers.

From booking a cab to analyze the interior design become easy due to the growth of mobile app development technologies. Impress is the requirement from many industries and the app is a complete solution to develop such function. Many industries investing highly in user experience. Giant companies make a huge turn over from user experience design. Design is highly associated with creativity. Thus improving the app matters audience. A survey says that most of the audience interact with the app due to the design of the app. Developing an interactive app makes a huge change in app revenue. We the app development company, highly associated with design rules. Many android apps that we developed are proof of it. The feedback from our clients is the promise to work highly for future clients. Developing an app in India is effortless as ‘n’ numbers of android app developers are available in India. Thus hiring an android app development company from India is profitable for businesses to reach the audience.

In India, Multiple app development companies are available to outsource, and each company cost based on their work exposure and time frame. As per the survey, to develop an android app is fifth to one-tenth of what it cost to develop in the west.

Here is the reason, India has a high source of android app developers thus the work exposure and time frame will be even compared to west-based app development companies. In general App development require the following position,

  1. Team Lead
  2. Project Manager
  3. Developer
  4. Designer
  5. Tester
  6. Back end Developer


Based on the above position and working hours, the majority of android app development companies closes their type of service charges. Almost Mobile apps fall in three types,


  • Simple,
  • Moderate
  • complex


Investing in a simple range android app will be less compared to other types. It needs only a few team members to work where the person with no need for back-end databases or API functionality can choose this feature to develop an app. It is inexpensive. It may cost around $5000.

Investing in a moderate range android app will be high compare to a simple type. The features and the functionality will be little above the simple type but the output is quite interactive and with profit. It may cost around $10000.

The complex app depends on the functionality that the client requires. Technical approaches will be high compare to both types mentioned above. It can also say it as dynamic apps. Developing a dynamic Android app requires a huge source of developers and testing team. With the demand for the project, in India, it may cost around above > $10000.

Developing an android app is a great idea, as it helps to increase the potential for business profit. If you want to invest in your business with digital platforms, developing an android app is a good idea. Utilizing the time and bucks to invest can help businesses to improve performances. In the future, the market for Android app development will rise, and based on the demand, prices also might change.

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