Top Front End Development Tools 2021/2022/2023

Top Front End Development Tools 2021/2022/2023
Top Front End Development Tools 2021/2022/2023.
Another year passed with exploring and enhancing our lives, whether it could be personal or professional lives. Along with exploring various places, we have explored various front-end development tools that web developers around the globe are using.
As we were exploring these frameworks, we realized that even though it’s good that there are so many tools available for front end development, eventually, it is hard for top web developers to choose the right one for their web development project. So, we made a list of top Front-end development tools that we think are still ruling the development world in the year 2022. Let’s start with the best ones.

Top Front End Development Tools

1) AngularJS

Does not matter whether you are a frontend developer or a back end developer; if you are a part of a web development company, you must have heard about AngularJS. This open-source frontend framework helps web developers to expand the static HTML to dynamic HTML. It follows the MVC (Model – View- Controller ) approach for developing client-side applications. The various features such as reusable components, data binding, libraries, controls and various others of Angular JS make it effortless for web developers to develop exceptional and dynamic websites. With 80.6K Github Stars and more than 1555+ contributors, Angular JS is surely one of web developers’ most preferred front-end tools.

2) React JS

Facebook (Meta) always comes with some things that gain people’s attention around the globe. They did something like that in 2013 as well. Facebook released a frontend tool named React Native. React Native helps to develop the cross-platform mobile application. You can also build Native apps. One of the reasons for React’s popularity is that it allows the development of the mobile application in such a declarative way, making your code more predictable and effortless to debug. React is a component-based framework; in simple terms, every component manages its own state. React can work as an independent piece inside the project, so it does not affect the rest of the web development project. React uses Javascript-based libraries to provide an uncompromised user experience. Even with one of the latest Frontend tools, React already has 186k Github stars and 1539+ contributors on GitHub.

3) jQuery

JQuery is a cross-platform library that most web developers turn to whenever they need support for Front-end development. And why not, as JQuery offers various user-friendly functionalities such as animation, event handling, Ajax/JSON support, CSS manipulation, document traversal and many more, along with multiple plugins and features that make the development process more bearable. This cross-platform library allows full support for other libraries. With 56.1k GitHub stars, huge community support, extensive documentation and effective chaining capabilities, the JQuery library can help web developers to develop a successful web app development project.

4) Visual Studio Code

One of the best open-source code editors: Visual Studio Code, was released by Microsoft in the year 2015. It has gained more popularity in a really short time, providing the most amazing features such as smart code completion, more effortless deployment functionality, syntax highlighting, built-in git command and various others. Visual Studio Code is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, macOS and Linux as well. Any language like C, C++, Python, Java, PHP and many more works well with the Visual Studio code. Visual Code Studio provides end-to-end support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node. JS as well. Visual Studio Code is one of the most preferable code editors for newbie web developers as well as for reputed front end development companies. Visual Studio Code has 130k GitHub Starts and 1615+ contributors on the GitHub community.

5) TypeScript

TypeScript might be the topic of discussion to be on this list, but TypeScript has its reasons to be on this list. Keeping all the other points aside, we should not forget the point that Typescript can be executed on any browser and Javascript engine. TypeScript is less a programming language but more a syntactical superset of JavaScript programming language. Along with providing various amazing features, Typescript is much more worthwhile than JavaScript. Developers can use any javascript library with TypeScript code, so JavaScript is more like a subset of Typescript. TypeScript provides extensive API building documentation, discretionary static composting, supports interfaces, better tooling support with IntelliSense, and much more. Being less popular, TypeScript has 79.5K Github Stars.

6) NPM (Node Package Manager)

As the name says, NPM is a package manager for JavaScripts. Web development companies can find and install reusable code packages to the programs using NPM. The command-line client of the NPM helps to publish the installed packages. One of the things that makes the NPM more favorable is it is easier to add and find the packages. All you have to do is use “npm init” to add npm to the projects. Then, the web developers can find the download packages in the folder named “node_modules”. Along with that, web developers can install all the external dependencies with “npm install” NPM is without a doubt one of the easiest frontend tools to work with.

7) Chrome DevTools

While talking about the web development tools, we can not miss Chrome DevTools anyhow. This widely famous tool allows web development company developers to interpret problems with the websites and edit them while being on the google chrome browser to provide an exceptional user experience. Along with that, it allows users to work in a real-time environment whether they want to edit HTML & CSS code or debug the JavaScript code. It offers various features that can fulfill its ultimate goal to provide an exceptional user experience, such as Source Panel – to debug the JavaScript using breakpoints, Timeline – to check the run-time performance of the website, Network Panel – check and debug network activity, device mode – to check the device responsive and various others. You can explore all of them while using this front-end development tool.
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We are not saying that’s it; this is the Top Front End development tools list. There are various others that we want you to let us know about. You can reach out to us and tell us why you think some of the front end tools are the best among the rest. And if you want to hire front end developers, we will be more than happy to serve you the services you need. So drop your inquiries to us.
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