Android App Development Trends For Year 2021/2022/2023

Android App Development Trends For Year 2021/2022/2023
Android App Development Trends For Year 2021/2022/2023.
Without any doubt, Android is the most demanded mobile operating system with a market share of 85% and over 3.04 million apps in the Google Play Store, including basic apps like web browsers, calendars, social media apps, games, or mobile business apps.
Android OS grabs all the attention when it comes to developing mobile apps. Android apps are easy to use and will lead the mobile app industry in upcoming years. The increasing popularity and delivery of goods & services call for Android app development to evolve with the latest trends and technologies.
Android app adoption has experienced breakthroughs, mainly supported through enhanced user experience. You must follow the latest trends to stay ahead in the cut-throat competition of the mobile app industry.
10 Android App Development Trends For 2022
Prior to outsourcing a professional app development company, it is better to understand the latest development trends.
Let’s dive into the recent Android app development trends that will evolve your business models in 2020.
1. Android Instant Apps
Instant apps are common in Android app development; however, they are still gaining popularity. They allow users to try games or apps without actually loading it on your device, similar to Apple’s App Clicks. They avert users from installing the app and help them use the web faster and straight without downloading them.
This innovation helps eCommerce businesses and games. These apps don’t consume additional space on smartphones and prevent unnecessary, redundant system interruption. Their outstanding advantages have complete access to Android apps without installing them, more storage space, fantastic UI/UX design, and compatibility across all android gadgets.
2. Flutter Development
Google has introduced a new technology called Flutter, which is also the future of android app development. This system permits app development using a native interface for platforms such as Android and iOS. Several developers choose this platform as a tool for developing mobile apps due to its flexibility and blend-ability.
Critical reasons to choose Flutter:
– Easy to learn feature
– MVP development
– Native design
Apps like Google Ads, Alibaba, and Reflectly are built with Flutter. Each of them has a fantastic interface and perfect features.
3. EMM & APM
Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) & Application Performance Management (APM) are enterprise mobile app development elements. These techs are used to prevent mobile apps’ tortoise-like speed.
The rise of mobile app development has become an assurance tester of mobile apps quality. It helps with the app’s security and safety and allows employees a productive data exchange over smartphones.
4. Android Jetpack
Android Jetpack is a set of tools, libraries, and guidelines that help Android app developers develop advanced apps. The main purpose of these tools is to simplify regular development jobs. Google renders structured documentation making it easy to use this tool.
It’s 4 main elements are architecture, foundation, UI, and behavior. Since Android Jetpack simplifies and fastens the app development process, it is listed as one of the latest Android app development trends.
5. Kotlin MultiPlatform
kotlin multiplatform
Kotlin provides app developers with multiplatform projects that can be replaced for Flutter. It is an experimental feature available in Kotlin 1.2 and 1.3, but it is forecasted to become prominent in the coming years.
Kotlin shares code between platforms and supports technologies & systems like Linux, JavaScript, Mac, Windows, JVM, Android, iOS, and systems like STM32. It accelerates the development process and saves ample time the team can use in challenging tasks.
Android App Development Trends For Year 2021/2022/2023
6. On-demand Apps
On-demand apps are already super popular and boosting client services and delivering exception experience. This is a growing development trend and will lead the android app development in 2022. These apps help in executing everyday tasks swiftly and conveniently.
On-demand apps follow several purposes, such as retail, grocery, food delivery, beauty, healthcare, etc. These apps evaluate user location and render the required service. The clients can receive prompt services with on-demand apps.
7. MotionLayout
The is a layout app developers can use for managing widget animation and motion in their apps. It is backward-compatible with Android 4.0 & is a part of the ConstraintLayout library. This library helps the app development team fill the gap between intricate motion handling and layout transitions smoothly as this tool renders rich features.
MotionLayout explains the transition between layouts and facilitates animating each layout property. It also enables developers to instantly showcase each point inside the transition based on a condition like touch input.
Developers will continue using MotionLayout in 2022 for building interfaces that use animation to help users understand things that occur in an app and receive an enhanced experience.
8. Blockchain Technology
Blockchain tech provides decentralized app development solutions that increase transparency and removes unauthorized access and intermediaries using robust security protocols.
This is an ideal choice for android app development for financial segments like currency exchanges, banks, and more. A PWC survey shows that 84% of worldwide companies are actively engaged in blockchain technologies.
The main benefits provided by blockchain tech include:
– It lessens data loss.
– Deploys data for improved performance in case of network failure.
– Blockchain android apps are safer and secure for data encryption.
9. 5G Technology
5G is quicker than 4G, undoubtedly. With the high ratio frequency and the velocity of 100 GBPS, 5G technology leads the data transmission with 1.4 billion mobile devices globally. With the help of 5G, you can design a feature-rich app and improve business performance.
10. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
accelerated mobile pages
It’s a phenomenal tech that provides a smart move for publishers to increase their mobile search visibility. AMP enhances SEO and helps businesses to be more visible by users.
Speed and performance are 2 primary factors that affect a website’s ranking. Google’s AMP plays a massive role in improving them.
Bottom Line
Every year comes with new technological advancements, innovations, trends, and ideas to make human life easier. These 10 android app development trends certainly tell us that technology is moving at an unprecedented speed to offer a seamless experience and meet user demands.
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